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I’m a barely legal teen girl from Las Vegas who is addicted to sex and being naughty.


About My Site

Welcome to my site! I'm Amanda and I just turned 18. I'm a petite 5'1" and 95lbs. I started my site to meet new friends and to start saving money for college. I've had limited experience with sex, but I really like my body. I guess you can say I am a natural born exhibitionist; I just love it when people watch me.

Some of my friends helped me put this site together, and even helped with some of the pictures and videos. I really like when I touch myself and my friends, and make sure what you see is of the highest quality. I want to look my very best for you!

My site is the only place you can see me. So if you like what you see now, you'll TOTALLY LOVE what's inside. I want you to see how "Sweet and Innocent" I really am!

Pets: I have two Boston terriers. One I have had since I was a little girl. He is 11 years old. His name is Button. I love him so much. He sleeps with me every night. I also have a 9 month old puppy, his name is Panic. You know like Panic Button! He sure is a lot of fun too!

Favorite Foods: I love all kinds of foods, but I think breakfast is my favorite meal. There are so many choices for morning, fruit, eggs, pancakes, sausage, cereal I could go on and on. In fact, I like breakfast so much I could have it for dinner!

Favorite TV Show: I love Scandal, what girl doesn't? I wish I could be a powerful woman and could control the president! I love streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime. It is easier to binge watch a TV season than to get stuck on cliff hangers each week.

Music: I don't have a specific style of music that I listen to because I only listen to music in the car. I don't watch MTV or play music when I am at home. So whatever is on the radio when I am driving is what I listen to, boring huh?

Colors: Purple is my favorite color. It is a mixture of cold blue and hot red...and that describes me. I can be very cool and super hot!

Movies: Who has 2 hours to spend watching movies? Movie theaters are so expensive! But I have followed the Taken series I just love a strong man who is not afraid to protect his family.

Employment: I would love to become a lawyer. It is still a long time away but I would love to have a powerful job that gave me a voice in standing up for things I believe in.

My passions: I am passionate about homelessness. I don't believe we should have homeless people. I don't believe in just giving things to people but a hand-up is not a hand-out. We should have solutions for getting everyone a roof over their head.

Favorite Shopping: I love to shop for clothes! I could buy a new outfit everyday and never wear the same thing again... if I had the money that is.

Favorite Lingerie: I haven't really explored sexy underwear yet. I hardly ever wear a bra and the panties I wear are no bigger than a thread :)

Favorite Cuisine: Italian! I love pizza and pasta. Ooey gooey cheese everywhere!